Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is a SIGNED MID-CENTURY PAUL EVANS CITYSCAPE SERIES COFFEE/COCKTAIL TABLE, dating most likely to the 1970's, the cityscape series was designed to emulate the Manhattan Skyline, each piece was made by hand under the supervision of Paul Evans. This large table is a hard to find example of an EVANS PATCHWORK BASE, USING ALL THREE ELEMENTS: BURL WOOD, CHROME AND BRASS. There are 15 sections of the base, each one of a different height and depth, these sections are arranged or juxtaposed/stacked right next to one another.
The substantial GLASS TOP measures about 32" by 59 3/4" and is 3/4" thick, the edges are bevelled. Condition is excellent with only very minor surface scratches, expected wear for a piece 30-40 years old.
The BASE is signed, (see photo above) in the lower left hand corner on one side and measures approximately 43" long by 26" deep and 15 1/4" tall. Condition of base is excellent, there is some patina on a few of the metal pieces, there may be a very minor ding here or there but nothing overtly noticeable, we have not polished any of the metal pieces, the burl wood is in excellent shape, perhaps a small crack here or there, but all intact and vibrant.
Great high-end piece for the collector, dealers please inquire for dealer price.
Price: $6,800.00 SOLD!

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